Steps towards realizing Vision

Project management is an endeavor that has definite and well defined beginning and end; which involves planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to achieve the specific goals. While the primary challenge here is to achieve all the project goals, the other more ambitious challenge is to optimize the allocation of necessary inputs and integrate them to meet these pre-defined objectives.

At H & K, our real expertise lies in successfully meeting these challenges, time and again through our verticals.

Real Estate Development

Real estate development is a huge and important system. H & K Solutions takes responsibility for finding best land and locations, creating development projects and representing them to clients / customers. We take control of the land price, building progress and forecast all the changes in the future, because real estate development business is really unstable. As developers, we work with many organizations and companies including architects, consultants, leasing agents, engineers, surveyors, city planners, inspectors, and so on. As a real estate development company we are involved into development of residential buildings, institutional building, commercial buildings, IT parks, etc.